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 How To Do A French Kiss

When you see television and movie kisses, they seem like the most passionate expressions of love there could ever be. Seeing a French kiss can evoke an even more powerful emotion in many people.

It makes many individuals desire to be able to recreate such a kiss in their own lives, but just how does one go about doing that?

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  1. Make sure your lips are moist. It is virtually impossible to enjoy a good kiss if your lips are dry because they do not move with a fluid motion.
  • You can run your tongue over your lips to momentarily lubricate them, but you should be sure to use lip balm on a regular basis. You don’t want to be caught off guard with crusty lips if you receive an unexpected kiss.
  1. Turn your head slightly. Your noses will bump if you try to go straight-forward to kiss, and you will not be able to deeply and passionately kiss. Angle you head just a little to one side; just make sure you do not both go to the same side or it will not do any good.
  2. Do not keep your eyes open for the duration of the kiss. It is ok to leave them open as you gaze into the eyes of your kissing partner, but once you are close-up and face to face, close them! It can be distracting for your partner to feel like you are starting them down, and it can be a turnoff.
  • However, if your kissing partner expresses a desire to see your eyes open while kissing, then it can be acceptable. After all, you want to please your partner.
  1. Do not go in with your mouth open and tongue pushing. Start slowly, with closed lips. Begin with a basic kiss and progress to exploring each others with your tongues.
  2. Kissing is a very personal experience and should be one that is enjoyable for both involved parties. Make sure your partner shares your choices and that you do not overstep any boundaries that your partner does not want you to cross. You should not do anything that your partner does not agree to.
  • Now, obviously, you are not going to stop mid-kiss and ask for permission to French kiss, but you should take small baby steps to ensure that your partner is allowing each step instead of simply lunging in. If your partner seems unresponsive or uncomfortable with your attempts to French kiss, save that step for a later date.
  1. Use your tongue to explore your partner. If both of you are finding pleasure kissing with mouths open, try going a little deeper with your tongue. Because of nerves in the tongue, it is extremely sensitive to touch, and rubbing along the mouth and tongue of your partner can be an enormously pleasurable experience for you both.
  • Do not plunge so far into your partner’s mouth that it will gag him or her; instead be slow, gentle, and playful. Remember not to be forceful; instead, offer a little and see if your partner responds with a desire for more.
  1. Take your time. A kiss is nothing you want to rush. Regular kisses are passionate, but a French kiss involves pleasures and emotions like none else, and it is important to take the time to relish and enjoy the moment and all that goes with it.
  2. Use some variety in your kissing. Obviously, no two experiences are going to be exactly alike, even if you are with the same partner.

French kissing is something like making out.

  • Sometimes being with the same person can make you comfortable to the point that you are both comfortable with certain things, and you do not add much spice to your kissing. Be sure to make some kisses longer while others are shorter.
  • Sometimes, you may want to go deeper, while other times you may want to only begin. There may be some kisses focus on the lips while others focus on the tongue. It is exciting to vary things up sometimes. This keeps kissing your partner fresh and interesting.
  1. It is ok to be “hands-on”. This does not mean you can grope and fondle your partner the entire time you are kissing. Actually, this can be distracting. But you do not want to leave them limply lying around either. It is ok to run your fingers through your partner’s hair. You may want to gently graze your fingers across your partner’s face or neck.
  • Some others enjoy placing their hands on their partner’s shoulders or back to make the kiss more secure. Extra touches can be stimulating as long as they are gentle and not overwhelming. It is important, however, to make sure touching is something your partner is comfortable with. Do not forget to be respectful of what your partner wants and needs.
  1. Watch out for your partner’s body language and respond appropriately. While there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to kissing, there are certain things that some people like while others do not. It is important that you make sure your partner is comfortable with everything you are doing.
  • If your partner seems unresponsive or seems to pull back, that may be a sign that you need to slow things down a little or you may need to back off momentarily. You need to pay attention to how vocal your partner is as well.
  • Notice moans and sighs that indicate pleasure, and also be careful to note if your partner makes any negative noises or movements that would show you things that were not pleasurable to them. Allow your partner to be in control at times, showing you what works for them.

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