tips on tweeting smartly on twitter

How To Tweet Smartly On Twitter

The microblogging site is a great place to express yourself, but sometimes tweets may get out of hand. Here’s what to avoid

Our #mindguide to becoming #tweet smart

Chronic TwitterDon’t be a chronic Rt @retweeter: Don’t regurgitate what others are talking about. Everything Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian on Priyanka Chopra tweets about is not worth a retweet. Tweet what’s going on inside your head but make sure it’s worth listening to. Yes, it’s going to take practice.

Rubbish TwitterDon’t tweet rubbish: #HappySummer greetings? Pictures of colured (un-recognisable) faces and multi-coloured clothes? “#Lemoning it up! THAT’S how you spend #summer”? No one’s going to want to follow those tweets. Find a way to take an existing thought to follow those tweets. Find a way to take to take an existing thought forward. Make it witty. funny. Make it memorable. Or don’t bother forward. Make it witty. funny. Make it memorable. Or don’t bother tweeting, because no one’s listening anyway.

Hashtag TwitterDon’t hastag the world: If you do use a hashtag, be smart. #AddonionBeforeMovieName makes #nosense. Neither does #justsaying. Au constraire, hashtagging every word is also irritating. How will you #react if #every #word were to be #hashtagged?

Love TwitterCut back on the ODA ( online display of affection ): Tweeting about your honeybun or your munchkin will only elicit truckloads of laughter. “I miss you so much darling, it hutts *big puppy dog eyes*”. Please grow up. NOW!


Frustated TwitterGo easy on CAPSLOCK: It’s okay to be upset with government policies, onion prices, mosquitoes and crappy soaps on television. But please DO NOT RESORT TO CAPS LOCK. Reserve captilalisation to one tweet in a hundred, when it really counts. Like, “OMG! I THINK I JUST SAW SRK! HE LOOKS SO HAWT!”

twitter errorMind your grammer: Twitter is the ‘140-character’ monster. but if “this is hw u wnt to twt”, you might as well stop tweeting. “Grvty is a gr8 flm!! U hv 2 wtch it!!” Yes, Gravity is a great film, and yes you MUST watch it, but not after tweeting like this!

Twitter DevilBeware the autocorrect devil:  With our dependance on smartphones, we’ve forgotten how to spell and spell-check. You’ve got to at least see what you’re tweeting about! “I just louurwe my boyfriend’s colon.” We know you meant cologne. But see where that got you?

do not tweetDon’t tweet everything you eat: “This has to be THE best pasta in white sauce, ever! *drools all over*” Yawn. Albert Einstein said “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” And anyone who tweets while eating is not doing any justice to the food!

boast twitterDon’t boast about your workout: Who’d want to hear your humblebrags about how you benchpressed 40 kilos? No one. “500 push-ups, 300 lunges, 100km bike ride. Now THAT’S what I call a killer workout!” You poor dear. You don’t have a life, do you?

what not to tweetDon’t not tweet:  If you really want to be on twitter, don’t stay inactive. If you made an account just for saying, “Of course I’m on Twitter, but I don’t really tweet.” you might as well delete your account.

Source: Shreya Sethuraman Hindustan Times Brunch

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