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Gamers New Consoles Xbox One VS PS4

The clash of the next generation gaming consoles is well underway, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 lasting a whoping eight years at the top of the market, Microsoft and Sony have sinally released their successors in the form of the Xbox One and PS4. It could’nt be a better time to launch this consoles as the old consoles hardware totally maxed out and a new wave of technical innovation promising to offer gamers many new and exciting experiences. From enhanced social functions such as in-game recording and online publishing software, through to high-defination graphics and on to revolutionary new voice and gesture control systems, the latest generation of games consoles has improvised on its predecessors woth a range of advanced computing technology.

As we can expect, a fierce battle is now underway to not only gain a dominant market share by the key players, but also an ideological on to capture the hearts and minds of the gaming community. Who will win is yet to be seen, but one thing is clear: the technology powering these gaming machines can now be scrutinised up close. Here we tear apart the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to find out exactly what hardware powers them and see how they compare. Which will be the ultimate gaming system over the next decade? Only time will tell – or perhaps your mind will be made up once you’ve finished reading this article

Inside The Xbox Anatomy

What technology is packed inside the new gaming console of microsoft?

Features of Microsoft Xbox OneMotherboard
Holds its eight-core AMD CPU and GPU, 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 8 GB of NAND Flash, Integrated Power Control IC, Ethernet controller and selection of ports.

Hard Disk Drive
The Samsung Spinpoint M8 has a speed of 5.400 rpm and an 8MB cache. The drive feature five partitions.

Media Drive
This can read Blu-ray discs, DVD’s and CDs and is linked to the motherboard by a SATA data connector.

Internal Speaker
An interesting addition, albeit of little consequence, is this small internal speaker system.

Radio Frequesncy Board
This contains a single integrated circuit: an audio user interface chip made by Nuboton

Wi-Fi Board
The Xbox One’s Wi-Fi board comes with a brace of Marvell Avastar chips that grant it 802.11ac, near field communication (NFC), Bluetooth and wireless display capabilities.

Enter The Steam Punk

An interesting development has occurred largely under the radar in the PC gaming industry. Several manufatureres have announced they are going to release Steam Machines – but what are they?
These small consoles-like PC’s are designed to run STEAM, a digital game distribution platform that currently dominates PC gaming.

A key barrier to gaming on a PC has been the progibitive costs and the technical know-how needed to get titles up and running. With Steam Machines, the PC gaming experience has been simplified and streamlined, with the systems very simple to activate and automatically booting into STEAM, where games can be pruchased and played with ease. Whether or not Steam Machines will catch on is yet to be seen, but right now they are being considered a real mainstream conteneder to the major consoles.


Anatomy of The PS4

How does the Sony console measure up to the Xbox One?


Features of SONY PS4Motherboard
The motherboard holds its SCEI system on a chip (SoC) 8GB of Samsung RAM, Marvell Ethernet controller, Genesys Logic USB 3.0 hub controller, Panasonic HDMI communication chipset and WLAN/Bluetooth/FM SoC.

The PS4 comes with two USB 3.0 ports, a digital optical audio out, an HDMI out, Ethernet and a proprietary connector for official Playstation accessories, eg a camera.
As the PS4’s hard drive is designed to be user replaceable, the console’s drive bay can be easily accessed thanks to a removable hard-drive cover on the case.

Media Drive Board
The PS4’s Blu-ray/DVD drive is controlled by a dedicated circuit board with four integrated circuits.
Media Drive
The PS4’s media drive is similar to the Xbox One’s in that it plays Blu-ray discs and DVDs, but for now it doesn’t work with CDs; a software update is set to add this capability in the near future.
Hard Disk Drive
The PS4 comes with a 5,400 rpm, 500GB, SATA II mechnaical hard drive. It is a standard 6.4cm (2.5in) laptop size that can be repplaced easily.
Heat Sink
A chunky heat sink sits between the console’s EMI shield/CPU and a small curved fan, for moving heat away from the processor.
Power Supply
The PS4’s power is rated at an AC input of 100-240 volts, which means the PS4 can be plugged in via an adaptor anywhere in the world, no matter the model.

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