How To Fold a Shirt Quickly

In our day to day life we dont have much time to do our laundry, While t-shirts are relatively hassle-free to care for, it’s still quite a chore to fold a laundry load full of them. It’s no wonder that so many people just stuff them in a drawer or throw them on the floor.

We don’t know how often ninjas spend putting away their laundry, but there has to be the technique they would use to fold their T-shirts. Ninjas wear T-shirts, right? here we bring you an amazing japanese method of folding a shirt quickly in less than 2 seconds.

The main benefit of keeping your clothes folded is that they do not wrinkle and also they take much less space then required in the shelf or in the suitcase then those shirt which we try to stuff in the drawer

The video abouve tackle with this issue in a simple manner and show us how we can save time as well as keep our shirts in a mannered way by folding them up in a pile in less then 2 seconds.

Steps To Fold The Tshirt

1. Draw an imaginary line about halfway through the shirt

2. Create a second imaginary line between the collar and the sleeve

3. Imagine point B at the sleeve, A at the intersection of the two lines, and C at the bottom of the shirt:

4. Use your left hand to pinch point A, and your right hand for B.

5. Cross point B over to point C

6. Lift the shirt, folding once back on itself

7. Thats it your shirt has been folded neetly

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