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A ring stuck on your finger can be a painful experience, causing your finger, and sometimes your entire hand, to swell. Usually, it’s best to try and remove the ring as soon as you notice it’s stuck, but this isn’t always easy. One of the first things you should do is get the swelling in your finger to go down. Rub oil or lotion on your finger, or spray it with glass cleaner to make the ring looser. You may also be able to reduce swelling by wrapping your finger in tape or dental floss.

The safety of your finger and hand should be your first priority when you’re attempting to remove the ring. If you’re not having any luck with the remedies listed above, or if you feel that your finger may be broken or fractured, it’s best to visit a doctor.

However, if you just need a little extra help removing rings from your digits, here are some more details about practical tips that will help solve the problem.
6 Ways to get stuck rings off your fat fingers


1. Elevate it for 5 minutes – Raise it up

Raise it up as high as you can and try to get all the blood to rush out of your hand. Keep your arm up there until it hurts, or until it falls asleep. Quickly lower it and give it a good yank.

2. Bring Down the Swelling – Take it easy.

Drinking a lot of water will keep your finger from becoming further inflamed and will help the swelling to reduce. It’s also best to stay away from salt when you’ve got a ring stuck on your finger.

Try to take the ring off your finger – give it a good spin – in the afternoon or evening, since your fingers tend to be more swollen during the morning hours.

Keep your hand elevated as much as you can, and give your finger an ice bath or dip it in cold water to reduce inflammation.

3. Moisturize Your Finger – Lube it up.

If the ring is still not coming off after you’ve reduced the swelling in your finger, perhaps some lubrication aids may help. Lotion, melted butter, petroleum jelly and oils can make your skin softer and help the ring to glide off. Hemorrhoid cream is also a recommendation many jewelers make, since it makes the skin more supple and is designed to bring swelling down.

Don’t be afraid to apply lots of the moisturizer to your finger and to the ring. Twist the ring gently from side to side, but don’t tug too hard. When the ring gets to your knuckle, you’re likely to feel some resistance, so just be patient.

4. Use Glass Cleaner – Shine it up.

Many people swear by glass cleaner when it comes to removing a ring that is stuck. Spray a little Windex on your finger to soften the skin and lubricate both the ring and your skin. This remedy won’t leave residue on the ring or on your skin.

5. Remove the Ring With Dental Floss. – Wrap it up

Wrapping your finger in dental floss may help to get the ring off. You’ll have to be both precise and patient for this method to work. Slide one end of the dental floss through the ring going toward your hand. Wrap the other end of the floss around your finger and push the ring up before loosening the dental floss. If the floss is wrapped around your finger for more than a minute, you could lose circulation, so try to employ this remedy quickly. If you don’t have floss, you can use tape.

6. Cut it off – Cut it up

The last resort is to cut it off (the ring, not your finger). See a professional on this one. And by professional I mean one that does not have a beer in the other hand 🙂



Remember to be gentle when you’re trying to get a stuck ring off of your hand. Being too forceful can change the shape of the ring. If you start to feel lots of pain and pressure in your finger, take a break from the removal process so you don’t cause further injury.

Have a doctor remove the ring if you think that your finger is broken. If you start losing circulation, get medical help right away. A medical professional will often cut the ring off to relieve the pain. However, you can take the piece to a jeweler who can repair and resize the ring after it’s been cut.


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