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Youngistaan is a Senseless Storyless Love Story

Movie Review : Youngistan


Cast:  Farooq Sheikh, Jackky Bahnani, Neha Sharma
Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal
Synopsis:Filmmaker Sayed Ahmad Afzal’s debut film Youngistaan is a love story with Indian politics as the backdrop. ‘Youngistaan’ somewhat believable as a film about a young man who is propelled into the nation’s highest political seat, but instead of giving out a boost to the movie with “Politics” as the topic it turns out to be a streched movie which seriously gives a headache to the audience. ‘Youngistan‘, sets a new standard of ridiculous

Summary:  In  Youngistan, Jackky plays Abhimanyu Kaul, who is a 28 year old games developer who is suddenly upgraded to the post of Indian prime minister because his father who is the PM dies. Giving up his relaxed life in Tokyo, Abhimanyu (Jackky Bhagnani) reluctantly moves to Delhi and steps into his dad’s shoes, initially fumbling his way through protocol. But it’s his live-in girlfriend Anwita (Neha Sharma) who’s having a harder time adjusting to the changes.

Abhimanyu becomes the youngest Prime Minister and implements most policies keeping the young voters in mind. But what he finds tough is to handle the media coverage of his live-in relationship with his partner. He is labelled by the media as the ‘Good Boy Prime Minister’. Anvita is mostly seen throwing tantrums as she now can’t live a normal life. Most of the scenes are unrealistic and boring, and sorry to say but most of the times I felt that I should be throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes to the the director and actor faces by the first half of the movie.

The premise had the potential for drama and humor, but yougistan is an incoherent mess designed to try and make us fall in love with Jackky, The most irritating part of the movie is Anvita ( Neha ) appears in every frame of the movie.

The only bright spot is the late Farooq Sheikh,  playing Abhimanyu’s sympathetic PA, and a sort of surrogate parent, leaves an impression. Shaikh has a large role, and he plays it with his customary humour and grace, lending much-needed gravitas to this film.

I have an advice for all directors that please make a movie that could be watched easily as a one time watch, many of my friend left the theater by the end of first half, Politics is a subject on which great films have been made. Take ‘Rajneeti’ or ‘Nayak’ for example. If youu have taken indian politics as the subject of the movie then why dont you stick to it, why have you taken Neha sharma and put her in almost every other scene. Trust me if for 5 minutes the movie is on track, this actress neha sharma would suddenly pop up on screen and take her issues out and taking the movie alltogether on a very different track.

Verdict: Overall its a rubbish movie.  There was potential here, but it’s wasted. People might think that it is about youth politics but it is no where near to youth and no where near to politics. Its a horrible movie. Donate your money to any political parties instead but don’t waste it watching such type of crap.

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