How To Make Panner (Indian Cheese) at Home


Paneer is a type of fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. Paneer is a type of cheese first made in the Indian subcontinent. In eastern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, it is generally called Chhena. It’s a special favorite with North Indians. From hearty shahi paneer to kathi kababas, paneer tikka masala to salads we all have been grew up eating all this, and panner is that’s why one of the favorite food for indians.

It can be easily made at home with milk, it’s completely vegetarian. Paneer (cottage cheese) has a delicate milky flavour and is used in a  variety dishes from curries to desserts to sides to salads. It is a natural source of vitamin D and calcium.

One of the top resons for making panner at home is that  Homemade paneer contains lesser calories, and along with the the quality of panner can be maintained with proper hygiene

Steps To Make Good Panner at Home

  1. Set the milk up to boil.
  2. Bring the milk to a temperature just below boiling then turn off the heat. It should be about 80`C.Temp(176 f).
  3. Add plain vinegar or lemon juice or citric acid, 5 ml (one teaspoon) at a time, stirring the milk after each addition until the milk separates; the solid curds part from the green and watery whey.
  4. Allow the curds then strain the mixture through a cheese cloth in a strainer. Rinse the curds with fresh water if you have used lemon or flavored vinegar otherwise it is not necessary.
  5. Wrap the cheese cloth around itself in order to squeeze out moisture from the curds. The more you squeeze, the firmer the resulting paneer shall be.
  6. Shape the paneer, into a block and wrap it tightly with the cloth. By putting a cutting board or something heavy and flat on top of the paneer, you can force out more moisture, and shape it into a firmer block, suitable for slicing and frying. To get a more rectangular shape, tie a knot and place the cheese cloth bundle in a box without closing it. Place something heavy like a pile of books or a brick on the cheese cloth to press down and give the cheese the box’s shape. The longer you press the cheese, the firmer it gets.Not all Indian dishes requires cheese to be made into solid blocks. Stuffed Paneer Naans for example require cheese to be loose.
  7. Soak the block of cheese in chilled water for 2-3 hours This is optional, as the intention is to improve appearance and texture.
  8. Use as directed in your recipe.

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