Safe and Happy Holi Tips

Playing a Safe & Happy Holi in 2014

Holi is nearby and it’s the time to celebrate this auspicious festival with your friends with joy and gorgeous colors. Holi is a festival of colours and happiness. It is one such festival that brings out the child in us. It would not be an exaggeration if one say that fun is the other name of the festival of holi. It is the only hindu festival which requires no prayers except the “Holi Pujan” or “Holi Dahan” where People light bonfires on the eve of Holi festival to celebrate the victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad’ which is called Holika Dahan.

Holi day is only meant for celebrations and play of colors, There are no prayers for this day and no sermons are said. The only norm that is followed is, “follow no norms and have as much fun as you want”. It is great fun to watch how people forget their real self and play pranks and practical jokes on each other. Treacherously and even forcefully leading each other in a pool of coloured water and at times of mud.

Holi is a day in a year when people just forget themselves and simply have fun – all responsibilities are owed to the spirit of the festival. And, if anybody stares or give strange expressions, the answer is ready too. “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai“, is the refrain that is on everybody’s lips.

This year the festival of colours falls on Monday and the markets are already flooded with colours. During this festival people tend to use colours that have harsh chemicals, Synthetic colours used during Holi often contain lead oxide, engine oil, diesel, chromium iodine and copper sulphate, which cause skin irritation and even blindness in cases of extreme exposure.

Holi is a festival of joy and colours. However, one should always be on alert to prevent any accident that may mar all the fun and change the scene to a sad one. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that are necessary to really enjoy Holi to its fullest. Remember to use these precautions to enjoy the festival of Holi safely.

Some tips and suggestions to make your holi happy, safe and Joyous

  • Use Gulal instead of Hard paints and water based colors
  • Cream your face with oil moisturisers doesn’t do much well, before and after playing with colours.
  • Protect nails with thick coating of nail polish. Oil the hair well so that the colour doesn’t stick much
  • Red or pink colours look good and also can be taken off easily. Avoid gaudy purple, green, yellow and orange as they have more harmful chemicals in them
  • Wash your face atmost 3 times for color removal as frequent washing of the face damages the skin, leave it if the color did’nt go of, it would go off automatically in a day or two
  • Use natural home made colours as much as possible as your skin and hair will feel tampered with the use of skin friendly natural products.
  •  Cover your hair. Make use of hat or caps to protect your hair from being coloured with hard-to-rinse dyes.
  • Make sure that powder or any other product does not get inside your eyes. Eyes are extremely vulnerable on Holi, Use a sunglass to protect your eyes from a misfire of colour filled darts or water jets.
  • Use good quality cleansing milk for removal of colors. It’s better than using soap, which will dry up your skin.
  • Take a bath much later after the entire Holi celebration is over. Taking frequent baths, washing the face again and again, will ruin your skin. You will also lose hair, for too much soap/shampoo has a drying effect.
  • Do not drive if you are high on alcohol or bhang.
  • Keep handy pain killers, anti-oxidants, anti-allergic tablets if all the above tips have been disregarded.
  • Keep the car windows thoroughly shut, even if you don’t have an AC car.
  • Keep a safe distance from a frenzied group of mob if you take the streetsDo not bump into the frenzied group of mob if you take to streets.

Do’s & Don’ts For Holi


  • Play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives as against strangers.
  •  Keep a big bucket of water handy for your children, so that they do not resort to gutter water and other unclean sources. 
  • Be available at one venue throughout Holi, especially if you want to avoid rowdy Holi revelers.


  •  Discourage your children to play Holi with eggs,mud, tar or gutter water. Never turn a blind eye to such unclean ways of celebration.
  •  If you do not want your children and family to participate in the revelry, have a nice and quiet holiday at home. Your children should be confident enough to take the decision of not participating in the Holi celebrations. Teach them not to fall prey to peer pressure. 
  •  If you fancy a glass of bhang (grass of the opium plant mashed and mixed with milk or sweets), go ahead. But let your family not get carried away. Your children should not get addicted to this intoxicating drink. Holi revelry should be contained within decent 
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